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The Story

Our story is simple. THREADJAR is a sock label based in Los Angeles, California. Created by our founder, Daniel, with a mission to provide men the opportunity to express themselves through our socks. 

We’ve been making socks since 2014 and have spent countless hours testing and perfecting our dress socks, from the hand sewn toe to the stretch around the calf. There's a lot of work that goes into a pair of THREADJAR socks and we've got it down to every single detail, your comfort is our priority. We only use the finest and most colorful threads to ensure bold colors around your feet, so you can look good and feel good. 

In 2019, we decided to make this process a bit easier for you with the launch of our THREADJAR subscription service, where you can easily opt into our program and receive or gift a new pair of THREADJAR dress socks every month. We take great pride in our socks and guarantee you will be satisfied.  Sign up for our monthly sock subscription to receive new and unique socks every month delivered to your door! 


Any questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to send us a message. 


Our socks reek of high quality.

We’ve got the best threads.


We’ve got the best threads.

It’s in our name. We take great pride in our threads. Once our designs are complete we dedicate about 7-10 days searching for the perfect threads tailored to each specific design, making sure it’s colorful, bold, and durable. Pledging a long-lasting color, even after several washes.

Attention to detail.


Attention to detail.

What makes THREADJAR so different than everyone else? QUALITY. We’ve taken every single step to provide you with a premium pair of socks. Made up of 80% fine cotton, paired with the perfect needle count to ensure a flawless touch. It’s not too thick or not too thin, making it complete for ANY occasion. We even added a hand-sewn finish, creating a knot free zone at the toes, and our special heel to toe reinforcement, adding a comfortable hug around your feet. Straight quality and comfort.

Trust the process


Trust the process

Our socks are made differently from start to finish. They’re designed in the heart of Los Angeles and take over 60 days to produce. They go through an extremely strict process with heavy quality control. We make sure they meet THREADJAR’S standard of quality, or else we’re not shipping them out. We hand check every pair before shipment, to ensure we’re sending you a quality pair of socks.

What people are saying about threadjar.

“Great fit! Very comfortable and got natural compliments on the design too!”

Jonathan H.

“Your socks are just great, period.”

Christopher A.

“I love these socks because of the endless compliments I receive from people who notice my socks at work. From coworkers to customers, I am ALWAYS hearing how much people love my socks.”

Mark L.

“Purchased these socks for my husband and he absolutely loves them. These socks have gone through numerous washes and the socks are still in great shape. Looking forward to the next delivery!”

Audrey M.

"My dad has been a loyal customer of THREADJAR since their launch, glad they finally launched a subscription service. Definitely getting him the monthly subscription for his birthday so he can think of me every month oh and new socks."

Sarah T.

"Absolutely fantastic products. Well made, great service and quickly shipped."

Jane B.